How to Make a Layered Paper Ring in 7 Easy Steps

First off, thank you for the kind comments about All Things Paper's Tenth Blogiversary and your enthusiasm for Erin Perkins Curet's new quilling book. As promised, here is a nifty paper jewelry tutorial that she is sharing as an example of her step-by-step instruction style. 

layered paper ring with bright blue accent on hand model

I've long wondered about the process of sanding paper so smoothly that the end result looks like polished stone. Erin shows us how it's done via this eye-catching ring that is made with just ten strips of quilling paper and a few tools that you or someone you know might have on hand.

 Layered Paper Bubble Ring

Tools and Materials:

  • Two 1/2" (12mm) strips 17" (43.2cm) in length x 5 colors
  • Quilling Dowel or round form in approximate finger size
  • Wood Glue
  • Dremel Tool
  • Dremel Sanding Drum
  • Medium and Fine Grit Sandpaper
  • Nail Enamel or Varnish

blue paper strip rolled on dowel

Step 1: Roll the Ring

Roll all ten strips of quilling paper, in whatever pattern that you like, around your round form, layering an ample amount of wood glue between each layer. Use more glue than you normally would in quilling. It is okay if it squeezes out of the sides - it will be removed in the following steps.

rolled paper

Step 2: Dry Completely

Once the ring has been glued entirely, remove it from the dowel and allow it to completely dry before moving on to the next step.

sanding tool with rolled paper ring

Step 3: Shape the Ring

Using the Dremel tool and a sanding drum, begin to shape the ring by sanding down the top and bottom portion on the side that will eventually be the back (palm) side. Leave the front side wide.

paper ring beginning to take shape after sanding

Step 4: Continue Shaping

Continue to shape the ring with the Dremel tool by slimming down the sides and then rounding the top. Try it on occasionally to make sure that it will be comfortable to wear. Be aware that you may get some slight burn marks as shown on the white color in the picture above. Don't fret - they will be removed in the next step.

sandpaper with layered paper ring in progress

Step 5: Shape by Hand

Once your ring is mostly shaped to your liking, use medium grit sandpaper to continue to refine the shape. Round all of the edges and remove any burned paper spots.

continuing to ready a layered paper ring by sanding with fine grit paper
Step 6: Smooth and Remove

Using a fine grit sandpaper, evenly sand the ring to smooth out any remaining imperfections and add buff and shine.

layered paper ring with bottle of acrylic protective varnish

Step 7: Seal and Protect

When your ring is buffed to your satisfaction, seal and add a glossy shine by applying enamel or varnish. Allow the ring to dry completely (24 hours), lightly sand the entire ring with the fine grit sandpaper again, and then revarnish a second time. Once the second coat has dried, the ring is ready to wear!

layered blue paper ring as worn

Thanks Erin, your tutorial opens up so many possibilities of working with paper! Here are a few more must-see examples of gorgeous layered paper works:

Polished Paper Eggs by Julie Dodd 
Literary Jewels by Jeremy May
Layered Paper and Wood Sculptures by Kylie Coles
Layered Paper Jewelry by Kristin Kemper
Recycled Paper Sculptures by Hannah Lobley

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