How to: Make a Dazzling Quilled Angel Ornament

Quilling artist Beth Reece is back today to share a paper ornament tutorial just in time for holiday making and decorating... a pretty quilled angel. If you missed the previous post about her art, including a Christmas tree that's trimmed entirely with astonishing quilled snowflakes, be sure to take a look. She truly shows what's possible when simple strips of paper and glue are combined with a love of the process, not to mention a certain amount of patience!

metallic gold quilled angel ornament on evergreen branch


Take it away, Beth:

I'm delighted to share this gilded angel design. A relatively simple one, it takes me about 80 minutes to complete, which I really like because it means I can accomplish a project from start to finish in the evening after work... I find quilling so relaxing. 


Tightly combed coils make this paper angel a sturdy ornament that can be hung by a ribbon from a tree branch or propped into the branches. It can also double as jewelry. Here it is attached to a scarf with a butterfly clutch pin glued to the back.

metallic paper quilled angel ornament shown pinned to knitted scarf alongside butterfly clutch pin example

The angel is made mostly using a quilling comb, but also includes coils rolled with a traditional slotted quilling tool. A quilling comb helps to ensure evenly spaced loops. You can use the same comb for the body and wings or use different ones with varying space between the prongs.

supplies used to make quilled angel ornament



JJ Quilling Design metallic edged strips - select from choices such as gold, rose gold, silver, copper, and holofoil applied to a variety of strip colors (I used ivory); strip width 1/8" (3mm), length is about 17.5 inches (44.5cm); each package contains 25-30 strips, enough to make 2-3 angels.


JJ Quilling Design, located in England, produces these metallic edged paper strips; international shipping is available. [edit: 2022, the company has been sold] Quilling Supply in the U.S. offers a selection of JJ Quilling Design's metallic-edged strips and Quilled Creations now has its own brand of metallic-edge strips as well.]


Disclosure: All Things Paper is an Amazon affiliate; the following supplies link to Amazon with one noted exception.

Elmer's Washable School Glue Pen with Precision Tip or any glue that is suitable for paper crafting


Slotted quilling tool (turquoise tool pictured is an Etsy affiliate link); an alternative is the Savvy Slotted quilling tool 

Note that the Japanese tool may not be shipping due to Covid restrictions in that country.

Long tweezers


Embroidery scissors


Super Looper quilling comb 


Beard comb


Crimper tool


Non-stick cutting mat


Plastic lid and toothpick - to apply glue (if no precision tip)  

Butterfly clutch pin (optional)





beard comb wrapped with quilling strip

1. Beginning anywhere in the middle of a comb, wrap a full-length strip of paper around two prongs to make a loop, then glue. Wrap the long end of the strip under the next prong on the right side of the loop and pull it back up one prong to the left on the opposite side of the loop. Continue until you have 9 loops around the comb. While still on the comb, trim excess and glue the end.


Tip: Add a dab of glue after each loop to help keep the coil tight.

beard comb held on edge showing wrapped quilling strip

2. Repeat with six additional strips, making two each with 8 loops, 7 loops, and 6 loops.


quilled angel body formation in progress

3. Pinch the ends of the 9-loop coil, leaving one end slightly blunt and less pointed. This coil will be the center of the body.

quilled angel body completed

4. Shape the 8, 7 and 6-loop coils into a curve so they hug each side of the center coil, pinching one end and leaving the other slightly blunt to align at the top of the body where the head will connect. Glue the sides of the coils together in the shape of the angel’s body with the shortest coils on the outside.




5. Roll a 17.5” strip on a quilling tool and glue the end without allowing the coil to expand (this is called a tight coil). Slide it off the tool and glue it to the top of the body along the blunt edge.




quilling strip wrapped on quilling comb


6. Beginning at the end of the comb, wrap the longest strip of leftover paper from the body around the bottom two prongs to make a loop, then glue. Wrap the long end of the paper under the next prong on the right side of the loop and pull it back up on the left at the end of the comb. 


Continue until you have 6 loops, adding a dab of glue after each turn. Repeat, making two coils each of 6 loops, 5 loops, and 4 loops.


quilling comb held on edge showing wrapped paper strip


7. Bend each coiled loop into a curve with the sharp end turning up in the same direction for all three. Repeat with the last three so that the end turns up at the opposite side.


Tip: Press each coiled loop against a round object so the curves are uniform.


quilled angel with body and head completed, wings in progress


8. Glue the 6-loop coils to the sides of the angel where the head meets the body. Let dry, then add the 5-loop and 4-loop coils underneath one another, adjusting the bend of each coil as necessary before gluing to ensure the coils are close together with no gaps.




quilled angel halo in progress showing folding technique

9. Fold a short strip of paper at 3/8” and continue wrapping around the bend for a total of 8 turns. Trim the end and glue. With tweezers or fingers open the fold into an oval ring coil to make the halo. Glue it to the top of the head.





quilled angel in progress with body, head, wings, bow, and halo completed


10. Cut six 3” strips and one 1” strip. Roll the 1” strip into a tight coil using a quilling tool or your fingers. Roll four strips into loose (relaxed) coils. Glue the ends, then pinch two of the loose coils into long triangles. Make two shaped marquises with the remaining strips by pinching each loose coil at opposite points to form an eye shape, then curve one pointed end upward and one downward.


11. Center and glue the 1” inch tight coil on the body just below the head. Arrange the long triangles on either side of the tight coil, then finish the bow with the shaped marquises as pictured.



Finishing touches:


quilled angel in progress showing crimped strips being added around wings

12. Wrap a strip of paper along one side of the angel’s body beginning where the wing connects, glue in place and let it dry before bending at the bottom tip and wrapping upwards along the opposite side. Glue the end under the opposite wing.


13. Crimp leftover scraps and glue along the outside of the wings. Trim excess strip length at the wing tips to make sharp points.


completed quilled angel ornament nestled into tree branches


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