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DIY: Origami Pop-up Father's Day Card + Printable

I've been enjoying a new blog called Oh So Very Pretty. Two friends, Karla Lim and Sheryl Yen in Vancouver, Canada, combine their talents to share all sorts of beautifully photographed craft and cooking tutorials. I asked Karla, who especially enjoys paper crafts and calligraphy, if she would like to create a guest post for Father's Day. I absolutely love this clever folded letters card she sent over and hope you (and your dad) will too. Take it away, Karla!

Origami Letters DAD Card DIY

Hi everyone! While I know dads in general would probably prefer a new electronic gadget as a Father's Day present, show yours some affection by giving him a card made with love.

I must say I had a hard time conceptualizing the design at first. I like doing so many different types of paper crafts and couldn't decide which one to do!  Mother's Day cards are always filled with flowers and hearts - it's almost too easy to make them, so I just decided to throw a little of everything I enjoy into this card. It's pop-up, origami, and calligraphy all rolled into one.... every bit of awesomeness is squeezed into the design, kinda like my dad! 

Materials and Tools: 
  • Origami paper  or scrapbook paper: a variety of patterns (up to 5)
  • Card stock: 2 sheets (or use 5 x 7 inch card blanks); kraft and charcoal
  • Baker's twine
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Double-sided tape
  • Hole punch (1/8 inch)
  • Felt-tip pen
  • Ruler
  • Paper cutter - optional


Let's start with the origami letters. Make 2 letter Ds and 1 letter A by following the instructions below: 

Origami letter D: 
  1. Cut a 5x5 inch square from a sheet of patterned origami or scrapbook paper.
  2. Fold the sheet in half. 
  3. Fold the sheet in half again, and unfold it. 
  4. Bring the sides to the middle fold, and unfold it. This will make 4 even sections. 
  5. Open up one of the sides and flatten it, so that it resembles a little house. Do it on the other side just the like the image.
  6. Tuck the outer halves of the house behind.  
  7. Make triangular folds as shown in the image, and then flip the origami over and do it again on the other side. 
  8. Fold the tip up so that it meets the middle of the origami, and then unfold. Do the same for the other side. 
  9. Tuck the folded tips in the fold to hide them. 
  10. Do the same for the other folded tip and you are done with letter D!

Origami letter A: 
  1. Cut a 5x5 inch square from a third sheet of patterned origami or scrapbook paper.
  2. Fold the sheet in half. 
  3. Fold the sheet again in half, and unfold it. 
  4. Make a triangular fold so that the top right corner meets the middle of the origami. 
  5. Do the same for the other side. 
  6. Fold the side again until the edge meets the middle of the origami, as shown in the image. 
  7. Do the same for the other side and flip the origami over. 
  8. Fold the two tips that you can see up. (Note: if you used thicker paper, you might need to use double sided tape to keep the tips up.) 

Now you're done with the hardest part of this tutorial! Next step is to prepare a card for the pop-up construction. 

Print out the Happy Father's Day lettering on a sheet of kraft card stock or a 5 x 7 inch card blank: Father's Day Printable Card

If you printed on a card stock sheet, use scissors (or paper trimmer) to cut it down in size along the printed guidelines to 7 x 10 inches. Fold this rectangle in half to make a 5 x 7 inch top fold card with the lettering placed on the inside lower portion. 

Along the card's spine, make six cuts through both layers of cardstock to create three 1/2 inch wide and 1-inch deep strips that are perpendicular to the fold and evenly spaced as shown. 


Open the card and poke the strips forward. This creates the pop-up effect. 


Use double-sided tape to attach the back of each DAD letter to a pop-up strip. 


Your card will have a hand-drawn Happy Father's day note written by yours truly, but be sure to add your own note or even just simply "Love, [insert your name]. 


To add some extra oomph, cut circles from a couple of different scrapbook papers, punch a small hole in each, and tie on a piece of twine so they resemble balloons. Use double-sided tape to attach the balloons to the card and stick the strings to the backs of the origami letters. 


Finish your card by placing another 5x7 card behind the pop-up card to hide the cut-outs. Use double-sided tape to adhere the cards to one another, checking to be sure it closes smoothly.


And voila! You are done with your pretty card made with love just for your dad. What's cool about this design is that it's versatile... you can place the origami letters on the front instead of inside, or make something totally different to adhere to the pop-up strips. There are so many possibilities! All that matters is that you do it with love. My dad has played such a significant role in my life, always supporting me and encouraging me to pursue my dreams. He's a great example of hard work that pays off. It's only fitting that I give back some of that love in what I love doing best, crafting. Enjoy card-making for Father's Day!  

Origami Letters DAD Card DIY
Father's Day DAD Card Tutorial

Karla from Oh So Very Pretty

Extras: Karla shows how to make a pretty watercolor birthday card here and hang tag printables here.


Diana Mieczan said...

Oh my goodness, that is the cutest card EVER!!! LOVE! xoxo

Ann Martin said...

So glad you like it, Diana!

Anonymous said...

very cool for cool dads

SUGANTHI said...

Really very sweet!! I like this card a lot.

carinascrafts said...

Thanks for a great step-by-step. I think I will try it. Best wishes, Carina

chillin with Quillin said...

very nice, like the folding, and thanks for the step by step pics!!!!!

creativejewishmom/sara said...

That is fantastic! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling sunday!

Shannon said...

Really lovely and something different, great instructional too! thank you

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

This is delightful & thank you so much for the printable too!

Melani A said...

This is lovely! Thank you so much!

samia nadeem said...


Anonymous said...

i got stuck on step 5 of the letter D. how did you make the house shape?

Anonymous said...

Dear the lovely, Ann Martin. My name is Meytri from Indonesia. I thank you so much for the idea, I really like it a lot. But, is there any way that I can learn how to make other letters? Except the D and A, I mean. Just in case if I would like to make another words or another cards for others, not only for 'DAD'. I'm just wondering if you would teach me how to do it, I would be thankful. Once again, thank you so much. I'm waiting for your reply soon :)

Ann Martin said...

Hi Meytri, I'm glad you enjoyed the project. I suggest you check with Karla Lim of She designed this project as a guest post and may know how to do the other letters. You'll see an email envelope icon at the top right of her home page.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much. hope she'll reply my comment soon. love your work :')

The 5 Dreamcatchers said...

In love!!

I posted your idea in post "Parents Day" in my blog.

If you want, visit it.



Ann Martin said...

So glad you like the project and thanks for sharing the link.

jenny kaye said...

PERFECT!! I'm making these now! Great tutorial!

Anonymous said...

Yeah thats a brilliant idea i l♡ve this.��

Anonymous said...


Kiya Demetrius said...

Hey thanks for this tutorial! I'm not great at origami but the pictures made this super easy and my dad loved it! Are there any more letter tutorials by any chance???? If not you should make an alphabet one! I would totally use it.

Ann Martin said...

Hi Kiya, you're very welcome! If you google 'how to make origami alphabet letters', I think you'll find what you need.

Anonymous said...

Very, very cool.
I would use.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this tutorial! I made this card for my dad and he loved it!

Ann Martin said...

You're very welcome... I'm glad you found it useful!

Richard said...

Thanks Ann! But I got stuck on step 5 of the letter D. how did you make the house shape?
From WoodWork.Guide

Ann Martin said...

Rich, for step 5, slip your index finger inside the folded paper near the fold and pull the paper toward the center and press it down to form the 'roof' of the house. I believe this is called a squash fold.

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