40 Inspiring Examples of Paper Quilling

Here we go with a round up of the many - and I mean MANY - wonderful examples of paper quilling that have been shown on All Things Paper over the past nine years. Not all of them, however, because there's a staggering number of quilling posts. Does that mean I sway toward what I know and love? Definitely, and for that I make no apologies... hopefully we all have a chance to do what interests us!

Paper Quilling by Lisa Nilsson - Gospel

Click the artist's name under each photo to see the original post where you will find more of that person's work in most cases. The images shown here are arranged in a completely random order and a few of the artists have been featured on various occasions. By the way, my quilled designs are not included... perhaps I'll round them up at a later date.

Quilled Knitting Box by Diane Boden Crane

Duality by Ayobola Kekere-Ekun
Quilled Dinosaur by Natasha Molotkova

Neon 1, 2, 3 by Archana Kumar

Quilled Mosaic by Erin Curet
Quilled Cherry Blossom in progress by JUDiTH+ROLFE

Quilled Typography, Love Forever, by Sabeena Karnik
Quilled Jellyfish by Akiko Makihara

Quilled Face by Andrea Stevens
Quilled Thank You Card by Cecelia Louie

Quilled Hot Air Balloon by Sena Runa
Love Quillography by Manuela Koosch

Floral Paper Quilling by Yoko Kogami

Quilled Layer Cake by Licia Politis

Quilled Bird by Sandra White

Black Mirrors by Lauren Fensterstock

Quilled Windy by Natasha Molotkova

Quilled Peacock Feather by Ashley Chiang

Quilled Headphones by Isil Pinarbasi
Quilled Boat by Natasha Molotkova

 Quilled Lettering Dream Big by Jackie Huang

Want to see even more quilling? You'll find many examples on my Pinterest boards and also via Facebook groups such as Contemporary Quilling where quillers consistently post an amazing array of beautiful work.

More round ups in this series - peruse and pin to your heart's content:

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